Who We Are

Trading In Stock Market was founded by two professional traders, Antonio Iskandar and Elie Farage, who jointly have more than 24 years of experience trading with stocks and stock options listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

Trading In Stock Market is a Trading academy which was founded back in July, 2015.

Since then, we have had the pleasure of teaching and mentoring hundreds of new Traders to become professional Traders, someone who could learn about how to identify high probability stock patterns and consistently generate returns anywhere between 10% and up to 40% monthly.

Becoming a full time professional Trader provides you with the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere to creat an additional source of income or become financially independent by Trading full time.

Our aim is to guide you step by step in order to take you from limited to no experience as a Trader, to become a professional trader who achieves consistent results, regardless of the trends observed in the market.

Our Training Program

We have built a training program which commences completely from scratch, gradually which can be taken at one’s own pace, and become a professional.

The program’s duration varies per student, depending on the time you spend to cover the entire program.

The recorded lessons can be accessed at any point in time at your convenience, while the live market analysis and Trading sessions take place 3 times a week, during market hours.

Each live session is recorded and then uploaded to the online campus, so that you can review them when needed.

The recorded sessions cover both theoretical topics (introductory, intermediate and advanced), and the hands on practical recorded sessions, which explain the way in which you analyze different operations and decide when to enter, what is your target profitability and your maximum allowed loss.

Let Us Show You How It Works

The theoretical sessions cover all the required topics from:

– Technical Analysis: This covers the interpretation and analysis of price charts with volume to determine the projected move of the stock.

– Fundamental Analysis: This answers the questions related to the company’s business model, growth and valuation.

– Money Management: This allows you to determine the risk you are willing to take for any given operation, how many shares you should purchase based on your account size and what is your reward to risk ratio for that particular entry.

– The Psychology of Trading: This allows us to manage and to prepare ourselves to avoid making common mistakes such as impulsive entries, over trading, managing your losses and controlling your emotions at all times to avoid costly mistakes when trading.

All these areas are covered in detail in the recorded lessons and frequently reviewed during the live sessions.

We will ensure that you learn how to implement your trading plan which is a step by step process to determine which stock to buy, when, calculating your reward to risk ratio, monitoring and closing your position.

These sessions are all recorded and accessible to you in a sequence that goes from introductory to advanced.

You could go through the concepts mentioned in a time span of approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

In addition, we deliver live interactive sessions during which you are free to ask any direct questions and at the same time, we analyze the dynamic of the market, and aid you in the process of identifying high probability trades which we take, depending on the market conditions.

Once you start in our program, and you finalize the intermediate course, we will guide you in the process of virtual trading to start practising prior to trading with real money. We will guide you in the transition process from theory to virtual trading and then to real trading.

Out of the three live sessions per week, two sessions are focused on trading with real money.

During these sessions, we analyze possible entries and take real positions if the trading plan allows it.

In the end, our goal is to guide you in the process to become a professional Trader and to develop your trading skills and adapt to the best strategies which meet your style and personality.

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